AFUP AFUP Day 2022 Baromètre Planète PHP

25 years of PHP


With a very humble beginning and against all odds, PHP rapidly rose to become the most prominent language on the Web, powering a mind-boggling percentage of the servers and some of the key websites we all use every day. In this talk, we will recap some of the main milestones, achievements and misachievements of the last 25 years; What we did right and what we could have probably done a better job at; And at the end, try to take a guess at predicting the future - of the technology, philosophy and structure of the PHP project.

Conférence donnée lors du Forum PHP 2020, ayant eu lieu les 22 et 23 octobre 2020.

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Le speaker


Zeev Suraski is one of the principal authors of the PHP programming language. His involvement with PHP dates back to 1997 when he co-created the foundation for PHP 3 – the first version of PHP that resembles ‘modern’ PHP. Zeev later spearheaded the PHP 4 project – which made PHP the most popular development language in the world for Web apps, contributed to PHP 5, and is to blame for the sixth version of PHP being named PHP 7. Zeev co-founded Zend Technologies in 1999, serves as its CTO and leads the company’s R&D teams.


Great talk, amazing to have a PHP legend in this event !
Karim PINCHON, le 23/10/2020
Loved it ! Made me want to lear more about the history of PHP.
Magali Milbergue, le 23/10/2020
Very interesting to know more about the PHP history.
Maxime Huran, le 26/10/2020