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The secrets of Cryptography


Alice and Bob have secrets they want to talk about without Eve being able to listen in. Worse yet, the mischievous Mallory delights in changing messages sent between parties. In such a hostile environment how can Alice talk to Bob without their messages being overheard and how can she be sure that it was Bob that sent the message in the first place? This talk will take a brief look at historic codes and ciphers before taking a look at modern day Cryptography. If you want to be able to know the difference between a block cipher and a stream cipher or get a glimpse into the mathematics behind public key Cryptography this talk is for you.

Conférence donnée lors du Forum PHP 2017, ayant eu lieu les 26 et 27 octobre 2017.

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Le speaker


Chris is a freelance consultant based in York, Uk with experience working in the public sector, small and large companies throughout North Yorkshire. Chris has over 10 years experience with PHP and has a keen focus on both software architecture and none functional requirements such as security, performance and maintainability. In his free time, Chris can often be found producing or playing with experimental libraries and contributing to Zend framework.


Nice talk, although a little complex, thanks
Benoit Viguier, le 30/10/2017