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Code review beyond code style


Reviewing code can feel like a secondary task. Discussing code can be easy though, if you leave out syntax details. Following a couple of guide lines for pull requests can make code reviewing much easier. Some code style rules can drastically reduce the mental overhead needed to understand code changes. Furthermore this talk will give some general guidelines on how to give feedback on PRs as a peer developer or coworker. These rules are not to keep for yourself, share them with your peers and your life will get easier.  

Conférence donnée lors du PHP Tour Nantes 2017, ayant eut lieu les 18 et 19 mai 2017.

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Belgian, Software Engineer at madewithlove, organiser of meetups and also a marathon runner For selection committee: My [speakerdeck account ]( My [ account]( Previous conferences where I've talked: - [Laracon EU (2014)]( - [Laracon EU (2015)]( ([video]( - [Fosdem 2016 (Brussels)]( ([video]( - [PHP UK conference 2016]( ([video]( - [PHPDay 2016]( - [Istanbul PHP 2016]( - [PHP Tour 2016 (France)]([video]( - [Dutch PHP Conference]( - [Laracon EU (2016)]( ([video]( - [PHPCon Poland]( - [Webcamp Zagreb]( ([video]( Next speaking engagements: - [PHP UK conference 2017](


Basis on code reviews, it was a short conference but go futher than "be kind" could be useful.
Eric Cambray, le 18/05/2017
Yes it was basis but it is always good to remind simple things that seems to be integrated but that are not always apply daily. I loved this conference, it was refreshing.
lnc, le 20/05/2017
It's a good introduction on "how to get into code reviews" for those who never did.
Thomas Sieffert, le 20/05/2017