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PHP Experts: get involved in the Paris PHP Forum 2010!

17 juin 2010

This year, it is PHP 15th anniversary and 10th anniversary of AFUP (Association of French PHP Users). For this occasion, the Afup organize the most ambitious PHP Forum ever. Many talks and debates are planned, as well as an exhibition room for teams leading open source projects to get in touch with a professionnal audience (developpers, decision makers, medias...).

Are you expert for a specific PHP related domain? Did you deploy one or several PHP applications (CMS, e-commerce, CRM, EDMS) in a particular context (heavy load, famous customer, innovating project)? Are you taking part in an Open Source project? Come and share your experience!

For the 2010 edition, the following themes will be hilighted:

  • PHP from A to Z: starting with PHP, successfully driving a PHP project, how to chose a hosting company?
  • PHP based tools: CMS and CMF, e-commerce and business tools, on-line payment, CRM and ERP
  • PHP Industrialization: performances, tests, single sign-on, frameworks...
  • PHP related technologies: Javascript, HTML 5, microformats...


To submit your own talk topic, visit and fill the request form on-line the before June, 30 2010.

Do you want to talk about another theme? Don't you have any public, speaking experience? Do you need organization informations regarding your attending?

Contact Sarah:

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