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CFP: Forum PHP 2024

The CFP is open until June 24, 2024.

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Developers and enthusiasts of PHP and open source, the time has come once again to shine and share your knowledge! The Forum PHP, the flagship event of AFUP, will be held on October 10-11, 2024, continuing its legendary saga at the Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel at Disneyland Paris. This year, prepare for an even richer edition with the introduction of a third technical track, opening doors to more discussions, discoveries, and innovations.

What we are looking for: We invite the members of the community, developers, experts, and enthusiasts of all levels to submit their conference proposals. Whether it's a 20 or 40-minute presentation, solo or duo, or even leading a workshop in a small group, your expertise is invaluable to educate, inspire, and advance our community.

New in 2024, the opening of a third room: In response to community feedback from the 2023 edition, we are adding an additional track dedicated exclusively to the most technical aspects of PHP and its ecosystems. It’s the perfect opportunity to propose that ultra-specialized topic you hesitated to submit for fear of losing the majority of the audience, to tackle a theme that will finally satisfy those who love to puzzle over the language, or to introduce us to a framework or library that impacts your daily life but is rarely discussed!

We also reserve the possibility to schedule 2-hour workshops in this third room, covering very technical or more accessible subjects: send us your proposals.

Forum PHPat a glance:

Why Submit Your Topic? Beyond sharing your experience and knowledge, becoming a speaker at Forum PHP is a unique opportunity to actively contribute to the PHP community. Our selection process highlights the quality and relevance of your topic, regardless of your level of experience. It is your passion, expertise, and ability to inspire that will make the difference.

Come talk to us about technique, quality, teamwork, or any other topic that excites you. Share how you've overcome your latest technical challenge, how open source has contributed to your recent project, the impact of generative AIs, or how a tool has changed your way of developing.

Speaker Package:

You have submitted one (or more!) topics? Keep it a secret, both in terms of the topics discussed and the number of proposals submitted: this allows the program team to best respect our selection process and the anonymity of submissions, while avoiding discouraging those who are taking the plunge for the first time. We count on you to keep the suspense intact!

Commit: Prepare your best presentation ideas and submit your proposals before June 24, 2024, at 11:59 PM. Whether you want to awaken the SuPHPer-hero in you or simply share an innovation that excites you, PHP Forum 2024 is your stage.

Need a Boost? Our speaker support program is here for you. An experienced speaker will guide you through the process, from submitting your topic to your presentation on stage. Don't hesitate to request it during your submission.

Do you have a topic idea and know the perfect person to present it? Come talk to us! You can suggest their participation through our dedicated form.

Your contribution can transform Forum PHP  2024 into an unforgettable edition. Don't miss this opportunity to leave your mark on the PHP community! See you on July 9 for the program announcement, or even a bit earlier if you are selected!

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